Our overland expeditions on Jeep® vehicles in these jaw-dropping landscapes come equipped with luxury, comfort and style. The difference begins immediately when handed the keys to a brand new Jeep® 4 x 4 equipped with an onboard Garmin® navigation system. Quasar offers three options to discover this natural paradise that include: being accompanied by a tour leader on your vehicle who can also serve as a driver, a second option with a tour leader that puts you in the driver's seat (tour leader may go in your vehicle or on a separate vehicle), or a completely self-drive option without a tour leader where you pilot your own Jeep® and solely rely on the GPS Ranger® installed in each vehicle to get around the parks. GPS Ranger®, a patented multimedia tour guide system is designed as an interpretive and navigational aid delivering location based content on demand leading you on your adventure every step of the way.